"My name is Emily. I am not only a Dental Hygienist but I am also a patient of this clinic. I have been diagnosis with having chronic TMJ pain associated with clenching at night and sometimes during the day subconsciously for years and have been recommended by a TMJ Dentist/Specialist to have multiples crowns put on for adding/subtracting lengths of my teeth to help with clenching, but i did not follow the recommendations because i did not think it was the solutions. I have multiple night guards made, both full arch and 1/3 arch and I wore it religiously and it helps with the pain for about 75%-80%. I still have some pains left but i could ignore it and go on with my daily routine. I have heard about Dentist using Botox to treat TMJ pain for years but did not think much about it until one day I attended the Botox/TMJ pain seminar and I heard from the people who had the Botox injections from previous day for headache/TMJ pain talked about their pain went away and how much better they felt already in just less than 24 hours. I also got to witnessed how much better they looked already, so decided to give it a try. I asked Dr. Do to give me the injections and i was so glad that i did. It was truly life changing experiences! My pain went away completely on a 3rd day after the injection and i feel like a new person, a very new person with no pretend in there! I did not have any more pain in my body and I felt so, so great. I have not felt this way in years. The pain is not there and I feel happier, more relax and also look better (the constipated look went away.) I even clench much less at night now and also slept better. I got many nice compliments about the way i look from people that have not seen me in months. I took time to write about this because i truly believe Botox injection can help patients with TMJ pain. Don't live your life with TMJ pain like i did mine for 20 years. If you have TMJ pain, please ask your Dentist about Botox injection to help with pain or ask he or she for referral if they don't provide that services in their practice. You really have nothing to loose!"
by Emily T.

"Dr. Do is a very good dentist, he is fair and his staff is very efficient, and he 's a very good basketball player:-D."
by Charlie H.

"What I like most about Dr. Do's office is how he and his staff treat my family and I. He and all of his staff are very personable and very patient. I had a really bad experience at a dentist getting my wisdom tooth extracted and was really apprehensive about dentist before coming to Dr. Do. After one visit, Dr. Do's patience earned my trust!!"
by Dwayne W.

"I always enjoy my teeth cleaning experience here. It's quick and my teeth feel GREAT! I highly recommend Dr. Timothy Do!!"
by Benjamin C.

"I think Dr. Do and his staff do a fine job at making his dental patients comfortable. I know you will be feeling good about the services you receive because they are friendly and are good at what they do."
by Shad S.

"I have been to Dr. Do's office twice. Dr. Do and his staff are very good with my children, not only that, but he is very quick to get you into the back seated and ready for treatment. He is very gentle and my children know what he is doing to them at all times."
by Renee L.

"We have been patients of Just Smiles Dental for 9 years. Dr. Do is so careful to make sure our teeth stay healthy. He has such a gentle touch cleaning my teeth I can just sit back and enjoy his comfy chair." "My husband has had several dental issues ranging from minor to serious. They have been corrected in a timely and professional manner. We wish we had found Dr. Do years ago."
by Betty and Ken

"Dr. Do has been my dentist for almost 8 years. He is very patient, kind, and gentle. Also, his appointments are always on time and quick. Dr. Do makes going to the dentist a more pleasant experience!!"
by Mike A.

"Dr. Do is very precise, kind and gentle. He has no problem numbing you up and he continues to ask you if you are doing ok. The office staff is awesome and fun to be around. I never had to wait more than a couple minutes at my appointment time. I will recommend Dr. Do to the rest of my family and friends!!"
by Roy M.

"Dr. Do is the most caring, kind hearted and gentle dentist I have ever gone to. I was so scared my first visit but he made me feel really comfortable!"
by Rhonda E.

"I 've been a patient of Dr. Do and his staff for 10+ years and my experience has always been oustanding! My friends and family are always complimenting on my smiles and I attribute this to the professional skills of Dr. Do. I would highly recommend him and have to many. Thanks for all you do!!"
by Shannon B.

"My husband and I are long time patients of Dr. Do (11 yrs now, to be more specific). We are happy with their services, no complaints at all."
by Marifei V.